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I am currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden with my partner and three cats. I grew up in the countryside in Varmland surrounded by nature and animals before I decided it was time to experience life in the city. I am a bikini fitness-athlete, blogger, model, singer and also works as a PT and Nutrition Advisor. I have a passion for food, travel, fashion, makeup, and especially education and my fitness lifestyle. My passion is to help and inspire people to reach their goals.

I am a very down to earth person who appreciates everything from full speed to just lie on the couch and watch Netflix or play video games all day. The training has really changed my life. It’s a huge difference between my current life and how I used to live and how my body felt before.

I have been working as a glamour model before and that lifestyle was far from healthy. Poor diet, alcohol and party late into the night imprinted my weeks.

That was when I started to interest me to watch competitions, I appointed me to start competing in bikini fitness that my journey began. I have competed several times with very good results in Bikini Fitness.  I competed in 2015 and won gold at the Swedish Championships. After that I started coaching and helping others to reach their goals. It’s a dream to see how people evolve into something better they feel comfortable with.

I also have several major interests other then training. I think it is great fun to stand in front of the camera and also create fun music. I’ve graced many covers of magazines over the years, appeared in several television programs in Sweden, the radio and I have together with the producer Rasmus Gozzi made five songs so far and more will come.

Please Let My Fitness Journey Inspire You

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